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Use your waiting areas to book more appointments, sell more products, and build stronger relationships.


While clients love their pets, they might not always know what’s best for them. Improve their knowledge about treatments and products with educational content to book more appointments and drive sales.


When you’re with a client, communication is key. So why not communicate with clients while they’re in your waiting areas? Studies show that when TV is present, over 80% of people will pay attention.


Give clients important information about your clinic by integrating with your social media, creating content, and sharing your story through staff bios, client’s pet images, and testimonials.

Give VetScene TV a Try

While you’re busy with patients, VetScene TV is busy engaging your clients. Display available treatments, drive traffic to your website and online pharmacy, and generate better client compliance.

Services & Promotions

We build a custom playlist focused solely on your products, procedures, and services from our extensive content library. Highlights your extraordinary care of animals, educate clients for better compliance, and drive traffic to your website or online pharmacy.

Entertaining Content

Our family-friendly library of content includes news, sports, human interest stories, talk shows, sitcom clips, movie reviews, and more.

Welcome Board

Welcome clients and their pets to your clinic with customizable messages. Let clients know who will be helping them that day, share daily notes, or post any other notes that clients need to know as soon as they walk into your practice.


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